Steps & Stairs

Steps & Stairs

Step Construction & Repair – Stone, Brick & Cement
Looking for a way to step up your curb appeal? Steps are anything but simple and besides being functional, they can lend dimension or charm to your house. Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing has been expertly performing mason services including installing and repairing steps for over several years. Contact us today to get started on your step project and get a free quote!

Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing Can Complete Any Step Project You Have!
All too often steps are uneven or creaky or cracked. They don’t look good, they don’t feel good, and they could be a safety hazard. We at Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing are the right persons to repair your steps – or construct a new flight of steps for you. Fore years we have repaired and constructed countless steps and staircases.

Steps, Stairways, and Everything In Between
Anything more than three or four steps also needs a banister or railing. Banisters and railings, made of various materials from iron to fancy woods, are a specialty for Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing and are priced to suit every pocket. We make it possible for you to add that pretty, personal touch to your steps.

Call the Step Experts at Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing
Sometimes even single-level apartments have steps. These are split-level apartments. Indeed, steps are especially important in these. A sharp edge could cause a cut ankle. An indistinct step that blends into the flooring could cause a guest to fall. Concrete steps can be made attractive with an impressed pattern, steps can have a mosaic effect, they can even be made of marble. As experts in the business, Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing will guide you with your options with the final choice being entirely yours.

With Bespoke Masonry & Waterproofing you’re not taking any chances. We do it all from constructing a modest three-step entrance to your porch to designing and building a marble-stepped and teak-balustrade 100-step stairway of sweeping magnificence!

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